A Few Lasts Before the Move

It’s crunch time. Tomorrow, we move out of our home of nearly three years. It still hasn’t hit me, and probably won’t for a few days. After all, there’s so much to do before, during and after a move, that reflection won’t come until respite. And at this rate, rest feels so far away.

Currently, I’m compartmentalizing my feelings, because otherwise I’m not sure how to make it through crunch time. I’ve said some goodbyes, but they haven’t hit me just yet. And just my luck, all the goodbyes of the past few weeks will hit all at once.

I’ve tried so hard to really soak up these past few weeks–and to help create memories for my kids of three wonderful years spent in suburbia.

LP lakeWe’ve spent a couple afternoons roaming the grounds of our neighborhood. We trekked to our neighborhood park on a little lake, and earlier this week James Michael even caught a 1.5-pound bass.

LP trailsWe’ve also hiked the trails in our larger neighborhood, letting the kids explore the creek and soak up the springtime weather.

JM schoolJames Michael attended his last day at his morning preschool and said goodbye to his teachers and friends. Even though he knows we’re moving, he still asks if it’s a school day when he wakes up some mornings. He absolutely loves school, his teachers and his friends.

puppet show lastWe attended our last puppet show at Center for Puppetry Arts. And two weeks ago, we counted Easter Sunday as our last Sunday at church. I will greatly miss the Thursday morning women’s Bible studies. I have connected with so many amazing women whom I now count as friends.

Smith Gilbert lastWe also made one last visit to one of our favorite hidden gems–Smith Gilbert Gardens–and the Rowdy boys had one last dig in the dirt garden.

Ray Carole lastsWe also enjoyed one last dinner with our favorite neighbors, who are basically surrogate grandparents to our kids. This goodbye will undoubtedly be one of the hardest tomorrow.

last game night

We hosted our last weekly game night earlier this week, ending it with a smorgasbord of food, comradery and friendly competition.

last day in kennesawAnd so far, we’ve spent our last full day in Kennesaw exploring downtown and playing with the handful of toys that aren’t yet packed.

I’m sure all of these changes and goodbyes will hit me soon, but for now, I’m soaking in our last moments at the place we’ve called home the past three years.

easton first

Despite all the lasts that we’ve experienced the past couple weeks, we also were blessed to experience a first this week. My precious nephew Easton was born, and Scarlett and I had our first visit with him this week. I got to snuggle him for a bit while she had girl-time playing with her cousin.

Thankfully, I plan on sneaking in several more visits to see these little ones before we hit the road in our RV.