July 4th Weekend

Friday afternoon, we headed down to Lake Thurman/Clarks Hill in Augusta for the weekend. We immediately met up with friends, changed into bathing suits and launched our friend Adam’s wakeboarding boat. The boys got in 30 minutes of wakeboarding before the boat broke down and we were towed back in. Devastated (or the boys, at least), we dropped off the boat at the mechanic the next morning and drove 2.5 hours to Gainesville to salvage the rest of the weekend on Lake Lanier. I’m happy to report it was a huge success and the boys can barely move they’re so sore from wakeboarding.

I was a happy camper simply riding along in the boat (taking pictures and filming) and spending time with family and extended family for the weekend. They kept asking if I wanted to try wakeboarding, and I told them that with me being pregnant, I didn’t think now was the time to give it a whirl–especially since it would have been my first time.

My parents just purchased two used sea doo ramps, and spent the weekend, along with my uncle, transporting, cleaning and installing them on the front of the boat dock. The guy who sold them the ramps also had a 30-foot Pontoon Party Cruiser for sale for a great price, it just needs a little TLC. I hinted that it would be a perfect boat for a new baby, since the middle has an enclosed, air-conditioned room with a small kitchen and seating. I think the biggest problem would be figuring out where to put it. Oh well, one can dream!

We got back to Atlanta around 4pm yesterday, with just enough energy left to eat dinner and sleep. We were too tired to find any fireworks, plus we didn’t want to fight any crowds and it was storming all afternoon. James is burnt; I’m just more freckly–but we’re both exhausted. James asked how I could be so exhausted because I didn’t even wakeboard this weekend. Oh contraire, dear husband. I’ll go ahead and admit that I pulled the “because I’m creating a baby 24/7 card.” I figure he needs to be reminded every once in a while that just because I look (relatively) the same and act the same as I did in the past, my body is, in fact, as busy as a worker ant. I’m not sure my punchline had the desired effect, but maybe if I pull it out once a week he’ll get the idea 🙂

Saturday, I hit the 14 week mark in my pregnancy. I’ve read that Baby Hobson is now the size of a lemon! I’ve gotten most of my energy back, and the only negative symptom that continues to persist is heartburn. Many women get this in their third trimester. I’ve been blessed to experience it early. Lovely. But if that’s the worst of my symptoms at this point, I really can’t complain. This week, after a 4-day hiatus, I’m back at CrossFit and gearing up to help James run the Atlanta Affiliate League tournament on Saturday.

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