i miss…

spur of the moment plans

the energy to stay up past 10 p.m.

time to myself

margaritas in the summer

working out 5 times a week

having more than one cup of coffee

regular date nights

creating new recipes

shopping in person instead of online

reading a book by the pool

uninterrupted sleep



But one day, years from now, I’ll look back on this season of life and miss…

the excitement or surprise of seeing a positive pregnancy test

the first flutters of movement in utero

the first moments I held my babies

the many naps my babies spent snuggled against my chest

the baby belly laughs

the first steps

the first words

jm and beau car

I’ve realized that life isn’t about making sacrifices, but instead, accepting the blessings and gifts that God has to offer (even if that means a lot of hard work). A fulfilling life hinges upon having the right perspective and mindset, something I have to remind myself of often.