i love mondays

Such a bold statement, I know. But I really do love Mondays. I won’t say I loved them near as much when I was working vs. now that I’m staying at home; Fridays were much more popular then.

Why Mondays? I love the fresh start of a new week. The clean slate. The possibilities. Big plans for productivity.

I’m not a stickler for schedules. My kids aren’t on strict schedules because our life doesn’t allow for that and I don’t want to be a prisoner to my own life. But I love routine. I love waking up on Monday, thinking about the week ahead: what we have planned and what I need to plan.

erin condren calendar

Even though I use my phone calendar for appointments and such, my Erin Condren weekly planner is where I write out all of life’s stuff for the week: all the nitty gritty details such as meal plans and little tasks I need to accomplish. As much as I’d like to keep it all in my head, constant distractions in the form of two cute little boys means I stray off track quite a bit.

jm sunglasses

Will I accomplish every task on my calendar or pull off every errand or planned meal? Likely not.

But if I make it through the week with happy worn-out kids, a house that’s halfway picked up and three boys with full bellies, I consider it a good week.