Holiday Weekend with Family

july 3 collage 1

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we set out on the road Friday morning to enjoy the holiday weekend on the lake with family. Only things didn’t exactly turn out as expected, which I should be used to by now, but I still get disappointed. Between the weather and two-thirds of my offspring, we enjoyed less lake time and less sleep than anticipated.

july 3 collage 2

But we did manage a short boat ride and the Rowdy boys got their turns on the Seadoo. And thankfully, an extended family dinner and cousin playtime made the short trip absolutely worth it.

july 3 4 cousins

july 3 collage 3

We headed home earlier than planned the morning of July 4 due to rainy weather. By the afternoon, the clouds had cleared and we ventured to our neighborhood’s July 4th event, where the Rowdy boys had a blast jumping in the rain-slicked blowups. I was hoping the rain was finished for the evening after a quick downpour at the event, but some ominous clouds and the fear of three little ones screaming in a downpour set us packing up our picnic an hour before the fireworks began.

july 4 collage

James Michael was devastated to miss out on the sparkly show, but he managed to catch the top of some fireworks by standing on the counter of the second floor bathroom and looking out the window. And as much as I hate to admit it, it may have been for the best because he doesn’t like loud noises, so it would have been very interested watching two adults tend to three small kids during the show.

Scarlett 6 months pool


boys pool

Sunday we took as a day of rest. We unpacked, picked up the house, grocery shopped for the week (very rare that I plan out that far in advance nowadays), played outside, took a late afternoon swim in the neighborhood pool, grilled out steaks and the Rowdy boys squeezed in some wrestling. Somehow Beau always gains the upper hand and ends up on top!

boys wrestling 1

boys wrestling 2

Surprisingly, I was ready for Monday, ready to get back to our little summer (un)routine. In a way, every Monday feels like a fresh start. It’s a new week with a new outlook and spare time on the calendar to plan fun outings for the Rowdy boys. Somehow, despite how the babies sleep on Sunday nights, I seem to have extra energy on Mondays and the drive to get things done. Of course, once we’re halfway through the week, I wonder what happened to all that ambition. But for now, I’m embracing it!