happy half birthday

Little James Michael,

I can’t believe you are 6 months old today. It seems like just yesterday you were a tiny newborn. It’s crazy, but you turning 6 months old has been much harder than me turning 30. You’re changing every single day, and learning new things at an alarming rate. As much as I want you to slow down, I would never dream of holding you back.

You’re a curious little baby, always so perceptive of what is happening around you. You’re still as much a morning baby as you were at six weeks old. You wake up happy and love flashing those gums, which still don’t have any teeth, despite your constant drooling and gnawing on anything that comes close to your mouth.

You occassionally roll from your back to your tummy, but you hate it after 2 seconds. And when you do tummy time, we can only distract you for a few minutes before you get frustrated and roll over to your back. If you just realized that tummy time will soon lead to crawling and independence, I think you’d be much more apt to give it a shot. But every time I tell you that, you just look at me like I’m crazy.

You’re a smart little cookie. You know exactly what you want, and when you get it, you stop your cries instantly. This makes me laugh, because you truly have us all wrapped around your chubby little fingers.

I can’t wait to see how you grow and change over the next 6 months.

You have my heart, now and forever,


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