halloween weekend

It’s been a few years, but we finally decided to dress up for Halloween again. James pulled out his skin-tight, throw-back-to-the-70s baseball uniform, while I opted for a comfy roller girl getup–minus the skates, lest I break my neck.

Friday night, we attended Josh C.’s Halloween party, which was a throwback to those good ole college days. Least to say, we had a blast.

Saturday night, after another disappointing loss from Georgia, we ventured down to Decatur to celebrate with our friends Mike and Brittany. Brittany made a festive spread of food, and yet again, we managed to stay out until 1 a.m.

I made homemade halloween oreos with pumpkin icing and chocolate chip cake with chocolate icing for Josh’s party. Then I whipped up Pumpkin Crisp for Brittany’s party. Luckily, today starts 20 days of Paleo at the gym, a great jumpstart to cleansing from the weekend.