goodbye hilton head

I’m in the throes of unpacking at the new house, but I never got a chance to share the rest of our Hilton Head trip last week (which, at this point, seems like a lifetime ago). I think I may need another vacation next week after I finish unpacking 🙂

Thanks to Cousin Beth for taking these shots so I could enjoy the moments.


JM l.o.v.e.d. the fountains at Coligny Plaza. He wasn’t afraid of the unpredictable spouts or all the older kids running around. He stuck his hands into the spouting water, and then his face. This boy has no fear. I can’t wait to get a sprinkler for him to play in this summer. I think a normal pool may just be too boring.


Big mama; little baby. Enough said.


Cutest sand footprint ever.


This is my most favorite photo from the whole trip. It totally encapsulates little James Michael. He runs all the time, with his little arms flailing out by his sides.


He met a friend on the beach at dusk one night, and they were both equally enamored with each other. JM truly thinks he’s years older than he is.


He did some boogie boarding in the wake. How can it not be fun when someone else is doing all the work?

JM absolutely loved vacation. He loved waking up to a house full of people and being the favorite of everyone. He loved all the outdoor time and rarely being stuck in the car. This mama loved having an abundance of help throughout the week. I even snuck in a couple peaceful hours alone on the beach reading my Kindle one morning. I’ll miss the good food and family, but I crave routine so it’s nice to be back.

So long Hilton Head…until we meet again next year, when JM won’t be getting all the attention thanks to little Beau and my sister’s baby due in December. We’ve already found the perfect 5-bedroom rental to ensure everyone fits next August.