goodbye hilton head…hello real world

The long weekend came to close suddenly and without reprieve.

With a toosh sore from bike rides, calves sore from walks on the beach, and shoulder sore from throwing the football, it’s as if I need a vacation from my vacation.

After another morning bike ride, we made it out to the beach just in time for a downpour. You should have seen the five of us huddled under one tiny umbrella trying to stay dry. Other beachgoers were even laughing at with us.

During the rainfall, an intenseĀ game of Scrabble (my fav!) with my Grandma ensued. All the while, the men twiddled away on their laptops. Between 6 people, we had 4 laptops!

After a great lunch at Red Fish, we managed to outstay the rainstorm and headed to the beach for a leisurely afternoon of reading, lounging and floating in the ocean.

At sunset, James and I headed back to the beach, where he captured some more permanent memories.

Until next year…

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