fun despite the sun

Most of yesterday was overcast, but in a way, it let us take advantage of all our toys without having to worry about heat stroke. We pulled out my new Waboba ball, as well as the frisbee, football and bocce ball set–and even Grandma got in on some of the action.

James managed to do a CrossFit workout in the morning with his Five Fingers. And poor thing, I slathered suntan lotion on him before we left the condo so by the time he finished his running and push-ups, he was soaked. But luckily for him, the ocean was nearby.

After James showed everyone the proper way to do squats, we made up our own team building exercise. Notice my dad’s heels coming off the ground? That’s a no-no. But more than likely, my mom is doing something crazy and yanking him across the squat circle. We attempted to rotate to the right in the squatting position, but I’ll spare you from those photos. (And I’m sure my family would kill me).

And all this took place before noon.

At noon, we came back inside to watch the first half of the Georgia game before heading to Skull Creek Boathouse for a late lunch at half-time.

At the restaurant, we continued to bask in Georgia’s glory while we ate platters of seafood. My personal favorites were the hushpuppies and the seafood chowder.

We headed back to the beach for a couple hours in the afternoon, and after my sister Ellen was attacked by a jellyfish, the two of us decided to call it quits for the day.

But with energy to spare, we settled on a mile and a half run to the bike shop, where we rented two bikes for two days. I requested baskets on both (probably some leftover childhood dream of mine), and good thing, because we rode to the General’s Store and bought a few souveniers.

The day ended with full bellies and some after-dinner games. All in all, a great start to the weekend. But tomorrow, I’m ready for some sun.

I woke up early this morning to another great view, and after a repeat breakfast of bacon and eggs, James and I are heading out to ride bikes while it’s still cool.
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