friday’s letters…from james michael

Dear Daddy, your beef jerky tastes so good, even if all I can do is naw on it. I know Mama complained because you started dehydrating it at 5 a.m. one morning, but don’t worry Dad, I’ve got your back. And while I’m thinking about it, thanks for having my back and letting me do tons of things Mom would never let me do. I don’t want to talk about them and risk giving away our secrets because Mama says you + me = trouble.

James JM jerky

Dear Pop, can you teach me how to play the guitar? It’s my favorite instrument right now, and every time I see one, I get so excited and try to bring it to you because I know you’ll play me fun songs. Also, this gives me a chance to practice my dance moves, aka spinning in circles.

toddler and grandpa guitar

Dear Summer, I am going to have so much fun with you this year now that I’m big. Mama says we’re moving to a new house in a couple weeks and that I’ll have a fenced-in backyard where I can play without her worrying. That’s great Mama, but can you at least buy me a real baby pool instead of using a big tupperware box? The last thing I want to beĀ labelledĀ is redneck.

JM water

Dear Hilton Head, just one week til I get to splash in your waves. Mama says I visited you last summer for vacation, but I can’t remember anything. After all, I was just a baby back then. She showed me a picture and pointed to this baby whom she said was me. But I just laughed because that baby was so so chubby. Speaking of chubby, Mama, what is happening to your belly? It is getting so big!

7 months beach baby


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