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easter family pic

So many changes have taken place over the past few weeks, and despite so many unknowns in life, God has been so faithful to our little family that I wanted to share some of His goodness.

SG and Mom

It’s hard to believe, but today, Scarlett hits the 4-month mark. Amazingly, she celebrated by sleeping 12 hours straight! I prayed and prayed this third baby would be a good sleeper, since the boys didn’t start sleeping like that until around a year old. Most nights she wakes up one time to nurse, but a couple times in the past month she’s slept the whole night. This means I have more energy and patience mothering the Rowdy boys.SG bunny shirt

Speaking of the Rowdy boys, they are in love as ever with their little sister. James Michael loves to talk and sing to her, as well as remind Beau to be gentle with her. Beau loves to squeeze her feet (and other parts of her body when we’re not looking) and kiss her toes and the top of her head, the same way big brother does.

Sg and JMkids bouncy seat

Scarlett could be content watching her brothers play for hours. Actually, that’s practically what we do. We sit in the playroom and watch (and referee) the Rowdy boys, or I strap her on me facing outward and we head to a park.

JM adams park boys LP playground

Every afternoon when it’s not raining, we head to a different park to let the boys play for an hour or two. There are so many nearby parks that they never get bored, and it helps to ensure they don’t kill all the plants in Daddy’s garden by playing in the backyard. I am so thankful for all the free entertainment options I have for boys. We’ve visited 10 parks in the past month! It’s definitely a perk of suburbanite living.

beau digging planter

Besides getting more sleep lately, James also changed up his gym hours until the end of summer, which means he gets home an hour earlier at night. Though it may not sound like much, nighttime is my hardest time of the day as I balance getting all three fed, bathed and to bed by myself. Two months ago, just baths and the bedtime routine were taking me at least 1.5 hours every night! So I still typically have the kids fed and bathed, but now I have help putting them to bed, which usually means less crying 🙂

haley turkish getup

This new summer schedule has also allowed me CrossFit 4 or 5 times a week, as opposed to the 1 day a week (or less) I was averaging before. I usually take Scarlett with me and she hangs out in a stroller during my lifts and WOD, while James keeps the Rowdy boys entertained at home for an hour. Not only is my body slowly regaining strength, but it’s been a way for me to focus on bettering myself. And any Mama knows we usually put ourselves last behind everyone else in our families.

Apart from these changes, I started freelance editing a couple weeks ago for a former boss. Right now, I squeeze in about an hour of editing a day right when all three kids go down for naps after lunch. Of course, this means that I don’t always get around to prepping dinner or keeping my house as clean as I’d prefer, but I figure I’ll learn how to balance everything soon enough. Even though it’s work, I love that freelancing is sharpening my mind and allowing me to tiptoe back into the professional world, even in such a limited capacity.

So right now life feels super busy as we’re on the go a lot, and when we’re not I’m trying to squeeze in freelancing and cooking and chores…oh yeah, and mothering. But I have to remember that life is filled with so many good things right now. So I’m trying my best not to take this season for granted and instead thank God for all these new privileges and, as always, my three little blessings.