behind closed doors…

you’ll find trash that begs to be taken out along with a couple milk jugs for recycling

you’ll discover two rowdy little boys squealing with laughter as they play rough with each other

jm licking window

you’ll see a 2.5 year old determined to help cook dinner and get so excited he repeatedly says, “Daddy’s gonna love this”

you’ll see a Mama’s tired eyes and dark¬†circles from waking up all through the night with a one year old who is supposed to be sleeping through the night

mama rocking beau

you’ll see a one-year-old watch every move that big brother makes and get so excited when he can do the same things

you’ll see a wife’s frustration at a husband’s job that doesn’t put him home until after the boys’ bedtime


you’ll hear a toddler ask, “Mama, does Beau love me?” and witness¬†the happiness on his face when I tell him “Of course,” which melts my heart over and over again

you’ll see a Daddy wrestling with two eager little boys on the living room floor who can’t seem to get enough

james wrestling with beau

Behind our closed doors, life is far from perfect. We’re not perfect people, and we’re definitely not perfect parents. But we’re savoring this messy, chaotic life that we’ve created, and we love our Rowdy boys something fierce.