bargain buffet…table, that is

Last week, I went home to my parent’s house in Gainesville for a night since my brother was home from Georgia Southern. Since he sleeps in until noon (given a choice), my mom and I decided to go garage sale (s)hopping. We hit two sales, but didn’t find much. But we ended the morning with a bang at an estate sale in town. My mom spotted a solid oak buffet table priced at $75, and managed to talk the seller down to $55.

Sure, it’s not new, sleek or modern. But it’s solid, sturdy storage and well worth the $55. James wasn’t very impressed with it, and classified it in the “old people” category. What he doesn’t realize is its priceless functionality. All the junk we used to keep on our dining table and in our small end table, now has a home–as well as various serving platters, large tupperware, laptops and accessories and his Jim Beam (out of sight, out of mind).

Old is really what you make of it. After all, James turns 30 soon. Maybe I’ll start calling him old and see how he likes it. But like the buffet table, he has plenty of good uses, so I think I’ll keep him around.

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