2017 Family Pictures

Most wives I know love family pictures—and conversely, most husbands I know despise them. Last year, my husband swore he would not participate in any more family pictures. But lo and behold, after he recently took a week-long trip to Montana during which two of my kids happened to be sick, I told him I earned our family pictures this year 🙂

I love getting our family pictures done every year—freezing the moment in our chaotic little world and remembering my kids at their current stages. I also love looking back at old family pictures and seeing just how much they’ve grown from year to year. So bear with me, this is quite a self-indulgent post, but I often look back at our family pictures on my blog to reminisce.

Past Family Pictures

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This year for family pictures, we traveled to nearby Dahlonega, a beautiful little town nestled near the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. I grew up visiting Dahlonega and I take my kids there every Christmas season to enjoy the small town. Bethany O’Bryant of O’Bryant Photography attends our church and her husband also own a local CrossFit box. She was easy to work with and patient as she took our family pictures on private land in Dahlonega. I thought we’d be too late for the leaves changing, but because they turned late this year, they are the perfect backdrop for our family pictures. Some of my favorite photos of the bunch are the candid shots of my kids.

2017 Family Pictures

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