15 week bump update

15 weeks pregnant


GENDER: We find out March 12, right before I hit 20 weeks. Can’t wait!

WEIGHT GAIN: 5 pounds as of 14 weeks. Will get an update in a couple weeks at my next appointment.

CRAVINGS: I really wanted buffalo sauce flavored something this past weekend. On Friday, I bought a couple wings from the grocery store (first bad move), and very quickly remembered why I never buy wings. James can devour one in 2 seconds flat. I end up picking at it so much because I only want the meat, not the skin or any other weird parts. This leaves me with very little meat and even less patience. But I did make buffalo chicken dip for a CrossFit cookout celebrating our Whole30 participants in January. It was everything I hoped for.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Impending. My stretchy skinny jeans seem to be the only jeans that actually fit right now, but that’s ok because it’s still boots weather. Still rocking the few pairs of work pants that were roomy at one point. I think I may have another week or two in them before the belly band comes out. My sweater dresses I’ve been wearing all winter look downright inappropriate. I’m not against showing off the little bump, but you can see every curve, if you know what I mean.

SYMPTOMS: I haven’t been sleeping great at all. My hips are both a little sore, and I’m hoping my visit to the chiro today will help some.

Thickness. Can that be a symptom? I’m ready for the baby to look like a real bump. Right now, I just look really thick through the middle, as in all through the middle up to my bust. It’s weird, but it’s exactly what happened with JM.

WORKOUTS: I got in some lifts this week, which was an indulgence since I squeeze in my workouts between classes and can usually only manage to do the metcon. On Tuesday, I did five sets of 105 lb cleans and a set of 155 lb deadlifts. It felt good to lift, even though I won’t go up in weight until probably this time next year 🙂 The WOD was two fold: the pullup ladder then sled pushes. For the pullup ladder, you do 1 pullup on the first minute, 2 on the second minute, and so on. It’s been a while since I’ve done pullups in a workout, so I was happy that I made it past round 8 before I broke up the pullups.

On Wednesday, with Grandma Hobson in town hanging out with JM, I was able to visit a friend’s nearby gym (CrossFit 120) for a WOD. We did four sets of deadlifts, and I capped out at 155 lbs. Then the WOD was 4 rounds of 1 min. max double unders, 1 min. max row, 1 min. max pushups, 1 min. max kettlebell swings and 1 min. rest. It was a good one, and by the end my forearms were burning from the kettlebell swings.

Off to the gym again this afternoon for another good workout!

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